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UNiTE Virtual Office

What will UNiTE VIRTUAL OFFICE do for my Business?

  • Present the perception of a large, well staffed office
  • Direct calls to people in different locations
  • Confidential messaging with personal greetings
  • Retrieve messages by phone, via the Internet or email

UNiTE Virtual Office presents your company as a leading edge firm that is large enough to manage your potencial clients’ business effectivly. Now you can keep your small business available to your clients without the expense of a central office ot full time receptionist.

Just because you and your staff may be working from different locations doesn’t mean your communications can’t be centralized.

How will UNiTE VIRTUAL OFFICE Work for my Business?

How Does UNiTE Virtual Office WorkYour calls will be answered by your UNiTE VIRTUAL OFFICE Auto Attendant. The caller then can either enter an extension (1, 2, or 3 digits), additionally, the caller will have the option of using a Dial By Name Directory. Once the caller selects who they wish to speak to, their call is then passed directly to that person’s telephone, wherever that may be (landline, cell, etc.). If the person they have selected is unavailable, then the caller is greeted by that person’s UNiTE voicemail, where the caller may leave a message. All the while the caller is unaware that your staff are not all in one location.

Custom Main GreetingEach extension owner has control over where their calls are directed. For example, they may be in the call all day, so they can simply call in and easily redirect the calls on the fly to their mobile phone. Therefore, if a caller to the office chooses that person’s extension they are simply connected with that person in the car. When the user returns to the office, they easily log in via phone, or web to change the number back to their office phone so calls will come to their desk. If the call gets routed to their UNiTE VOICEMAIL, messages left can alert e-mail, cell phone, pager or all of the above, to notify that a message is waiting. This allows the opportunity for a quick response to the message left. The UNiTE VOICEMAIL can even forward the message iteself to email, so the user can double click and listen right from their desktop.

What are the Features of UNiTE VIRTUAL OFFICE?

  • Local and/or Toll Free Main Number
    (New or we can port an existing Local or Toll Free Number)
  • Local and/or Toll Free Fax Number
  • Dial by name Directory
  • Unite Web Admin Site
  • Email Delivery of Voice and Fax Messages
  • Unlimited Number of Extensions Available
  • Teleswap Call Transfer Feature
  • Many, Many More Features

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